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"Breathing is medicine. I forgot how to breathe but I’m learning all over again." Mandi Lynne, author.

The Breathing Studio offers a range of breathing-based education and training course including the Buteyko Breathing Method and CapnoTrainer.

We take breathing for granted – unless we develop a breathing-related problem or we gasp for air during exercise or our attention is drawn to our breathing during meditation or similar.

But good breathing is an important part of optimum health and improving the way we breathe can enhance our health and vitality in so many ways, from helping to prevent disease to addressing current health problems, improving fitness levels and exercise capabilities, or bringing about mental well-being.
More and more people are realising that they have the power to improve their health just by improving their breathing.

Anyone, both adults and children, can learn the techniques required to improve their breathing. It is non-invasive and draws on the self-healing nature of our bodies to bring about a re-balancing of our respiratory system, which in turn affects the rest of our bodies.

Here at The Breathing Studio we offer a range of treatments to help you get your breathing back on track.

Come and see us at our office in Ham, near Richmond/Kingston-Upon-Thames, where we can check your current breathing levels. We can then give you a programme to help you to identify where you are currently going wrong and how to put things right.