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About CapnoTrainer

Here at The Breathing Studio we have invested in a state-of-the-art machine, the CapnoTrainer, which allows us to detect bad breathing behaviour and how it is impacting the body’s autonomic nervous system. *

Capno’ means ‘carbon dioxide’ and the CapnoTrainer is an education instrument designed for enhancing well-being, health and performance through learning good respiration. By measuring real-time the CO2 levels and number of breaths per minute and then presenting the data in an easy-to-digest visual on a computer screen, the CapnoTrainer allows the practitioners and their clients to engage in breathe retraining.

The aim is to get an individual’s breathing reflex of the diaphragm operating intuitively via the brainstem to achieve optimum pH, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels.

People should be aiming for no more than six breaths per minute.

The CapnoTrainer is non – intrusive and easy to use. The client clips a nose
tube onto his/her nose and then starts to breathe. Data will start to appear on screen and the client can adjust his/her breathing to the optimal state.

Information on each breathing system is stored and can be compared over time.

The CanoTrainer also allows us to show how positive and negative thoughts and memories, pain, injury and discomfort may affect our breathing – while using the machine you will be asked to think various happy/sad thoughts and we can then demonstrate the effect this is having on your very breathing.

* What does the autonomic nervous system do? There are three parts to your autonomic nervous system: 1 The sympathetic system is responsible for your body's 'fight or flight' reaction. 2 The parasympathetic system looks after the workings of your body during rest and recuperation. It also controls your heart rate and body temperature under normal conditions. 3 The enteric system controls the workings of your gut.