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About Us

Based at The Breathing Studio in Ham, your breathing consultant is Nigel Grimes, who personally benefited from the Buteyko Breathing Methodology himself when he experienced an inexplicable bout of bad health. Here is his story:

“I discovered the benefits of improving my breathing for myself when I was laid low with a mysterious series of coughing and choking symptoms which hit me completely out of the blue. I had to stop driving because I would start choking; I had to take time off work as I lost my voice and I was waking up every ten minutes at night with explosive coughing and choking and struggling to catch my breath.

I started to lose weight and developed a range of other symptoms. Naturally I was concerned and so was my GP, who sent me for various tests, but nothing was conclusive.

Then one night at 2.30am I reached for my phone and started researching breathing and choking symptoms and discovered some revealing information around proper
breathing and ways to relieve my symptoms.

Encouraged by this, I enrolled on a Buteyko Breathing Methodology breathing course and discovered just how poor my breathing was. I had no idea! I was taught how to reverse this and very quickly my coughing and choking symptoms disappeared. I felt healthier than I had felt for a long time – more energy, less appetite for unhealthy foods, more clarity of mind – and as I researched the effects of poor breathing in more detail, I decided I would love to bring the benefits of improved breathing to other people who are struggling with a range of debilitating physical and mental health issues.

I have at my disposal the latest technologies in breathing, such as the CapnoTrainer machine, proven methodologies such as Buteyko Breathing Methodology, backed up by renowned and passionate experts, and the desire to help others based on my own experience.”